Are you Licensed and insured in Texas?


Yes, we are licensed in Texas. We hold a Repair license.  There is also a Location, Operator and Distributor license.  Most cities and counties also require permits and registration for property tax reasons.  No license is required for personal use of amusement machines.

You may wonder why the Amusement Industry is regulated.  In the 60's and early 70's the game business had some shady businesses that liked to launder money, make shady loans and just be fronts for racketeers.  This was a nationwide problem.  Texas created the Amusement Machine Commission that deployed investigators and created a number of strict rules.  The commission was later retired and the duties for the existing regulations fell to the State Comptroller.  Still we in the industry must have a Texas Resident owning at least 10% of the company, have no felonies, can not make loans to locations without permission, can not give more than 50% of the cash in a cash box to a location, must purchase a annual license sticker for every machine, must keep records for 4 years, must pass a background check and purchase an annual business license.  One good rule that still exists is the cash box revenue is not sales taxed.

As a repair shop we do not operate games on location.  Still the state requires all the rules and restrictions listed above. To import games into Texas you must hold a Distributor license.  To operate games in commercial locations for profit you must hold an Operators license or a Location license.  We have held all 3 licenses simultaneously in the past.

Our Texas Amusement Machine Repair License is: 32021076578 under the name Lee Morris. This is also our Sales Tax number which is also required.  If you search the Amusement License database you input my name or Tax number.

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