What do most vintage Arcade Video Games cost to repair?


Almost all old arcade video games need the capacitors replaced in the video monitor.  Even though the game monitor may be working these electrolytic capacitors may be dried out and ready to destroy other components when they fail.  When your monitor finally blows up you may destroy your flyback transformer, a costly repair.  Capacitors are relatively cheap parts that are akin to changing the circuit breakers on an old house, it needs to be done.  There are other capacitors in your power supply and game printed circuit boards that should also be replaced. If the monitor has already blown up the cost will now have more labor included.  Dead monitors mean blown transistors, blown resistors, open circuits, shorted diodes and many other possibilities that all take time to debug and replace. 

The cost to "re-cap" a monitor generally is $125 to $175.
If the monitor needs a flyback transformer add at least $100.
If in addition to a flyback you have other issues add $75 (more labor).
If the monitor has a bad picture tube (CRT) then the monitor needs to be replaced.

After the capacitors are replaced the other costs include repairing the game printed circuit boards and power supply.  The "boards" on very old games can be time consuming to repair.  Usually they have many corrosion issues on connectors, IC sockets and any place metal is exposed.  Sometimes rodents camp out in these games and cause severe damage to the boards and wiring.  Batteries can leak over 20 years and can ruin the boards completely.  Old MASK ROMS (factory made Read Only Memory) devices have a tendency to rot their legs off due to chemicals leaking out the legs.  These IC chips destroy the sockets they are plugged into. 

The cost to repair the "Boards" in a video game can run from $125 to $300.

If you have trackballs, guns or driving controllers that need parts add more costs.

If you want new T-molding, paint, control panel overlay or other cosmetics and more costs.

Most of our arcade video game repairs cost $250 to $450.

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