Do you repair old "Tube Type" Jukeboxes?


We generally do not repair very old jukeboxes.  Old jukeboxes (very old) like a Rockola 1422 that is over 70 years old are not really in our business model.  These old beasts can take a lot of time and effort to repair. 

When a jukebox this old becomes more of a work of art than a jukebox we tend to decline the job.  Very old jukeboxes are tricky to transport.  With glass bubblers, week front doors, irreplaceable plastic and glass parts, refinished cabinets (several times over) and just a general fragility to the cabinets, these jukes are not fun to come pickup.

There are specialty shops that do "Restore" these jukeboxes.  They usually do a great job of making them look brand new!  They even rebuild them with little or no oil and grease showing on any of the mechanical parts.  The problem is these jukeboxes are supposed to have oil and grease.  In fact they are supposed to have oil and grease added on a regular basis. So our usual customer has a machine they bought "restored" 15 years ago.  The poor jukebox still looks pretty but has every mechanical area sticking or falling apart due to lack of maintenance.  These old jukeboxes (or any jukebox) are commercial machines meant to have regular service. 

The time and effort to clean/adjust/lubricate pushes these jukeboxes into high "repair" bills.  Our liability  is high because these very old jukeboxes are so valuable and fragile. 

If your jukebox is not exactly "very old", say from the 60's on up, we can work on it.  If is not insured by Loyds of London and is just used to play records it is more our style.  Jukeboxes from the 1960's do still have tubes in them but are usually in much better shape than boxes of old.


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