What is the most common repair on Bally and IGT slots?


 Slot machines are rugged and dependable.  Many customers report their machines have worked for over 20 years without a problem. Most of the problems with slots made from the late 1980's to today are related to "SRAM" battery failure. On IGT and Bally slots the factory installed a new Lithium Ion battery that can last up to 20 years.  Most fail every 5 to 10 years and can cause an error code to show on your LED display.  The game is frozen and requires special equipment to re-start.  Simply soldering in a new battery will not work.  A technician must run a sometimes complex SRAM reset procedure just to get the game started then setup several game options to make everything work again. 

We fix most SRAM problems at your home within 1 "Service Call" (1 hour).  We charge you a service call ($125) plus parts and tax.  A "Service Call" starts when we leave our shop and head your way.  If you are 30 minutes away you will have 30 minutes left in the first "Service Call" hour.  Additional hours are charged at $75 per hour.

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