Can I make my Slot Machine easy to win?


Slot machines made since the late 1980's have eprom IC chips that set the payout ratio for the game.  Generally speaking it is not feasible to change your payout beyond a few percentage points of where it is now.  For example IGT made 20 or so combinations for it's "Red White and Blue" game but the payout does not vary as far as most customers would desire.  In addition we would have to find a copy of the eproms that match your pay-tables as shown on your game's front glass.

It is possible to buy a "kit" with IC chips and different Top and Belly glass that will change your slot to a different game with perhaps a more liberal payout.  These kits come from Slot dealers that can hopefully supply you with the proper chips and reel strips to work on your specific hardware. 

We are not a "Slot Dealer".  We are a repair shop that may sell a few games per year that probably were abandoned by customers due to the repair costs.  In our opinion it is still technically illegal to "operate" any gambling devices in Texas.  Operating means, running them with currency for profit, in our opinion.  If you are "Operating" gambling machines we will not work on your games.   We also will not work on almost new games right out of Vegas.  In our opinion only old machines that can be converted to token and have outdated bill acceptor equipment should be used in homes.

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