Can I use tokens with my slot machine?


Yes, you can convert your slot machine to accept tokens instead of US coins.  Most games made since the late 1980's have "Coin Comparator" style coin mechanisms that merely require you to change the reference coin placed in the top of the mechanism.  You also may need to change or modify the coin entry slot on the outside of your front door to allow a larger coin to fit.  Also the "Coin Hopper" inside your game is sized to fit your original coin.  If you change the coin size drastically you must buy a replacement hopper plate and knife to match the token you choose. 

On older Slots you will need to find a mechanical coin mechanism that fits your token in addition to the above mentioned variables.

Brass tokens can cost more than the coin you are replacing.  Brass plated is cheaper and plain silver (some metal alloy) is the least expensive tokens available.  The least expensive coin is the good old US Nickle!  Nickles are cheap!  You can afford to "Fill-Er-Up". Slot machines that come ready with Nickle play are more desirable, in our opinion.

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