Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are you Licensed and insured in Texas?
Why does it take soo long to get my machine repaired?
Why are you a home business?
Where did you learn to repair games?

Website Issues

How do I leave a review about your service or products.
Why do I need to login to order service?
What is PayPal? Is it safe?

Shipping Questions

Why won't you ship old games on your website?
How do I hire a shipper to ship a machine?
Will you pick up my machine for repair?

Pinball Questions?

What is a pinball "Shop-Out?
What is the difference between an electronic or electromechanical pinball?
How much does it cost to repair my Pinball Game?
How long will it take to shop-out my pinball?
Can you repair my pinball in my home?
My batteries have leaked, is my game ruined?
My gameroom is upstairs. Will you pick it up?
How much is my pinball worth? Should I fix it?
How do I transnport my pinball ?
Is the Stern Pinball line a good product?
Do you repair Pachinko Machines?
Do you repair Pachislo machines?

Arcade Video Game Questions?

What do most vintage Arcade Video Games cost to repair?
Should I fix my monitor or buy new?
My Video Game is upstairs. Will you pick it up? What are my options?
What is a 60 in 1 game?

Jukebox Questions?

What makes of jukeboxes will you work on?
Do you repair old "Tube Type" Jukeboxes?
Can you repair my jukebox in my home?

Slot Machine repair questions.

What is the most common repair on old Mills/Jennings Slots?
What is the most common repair on Bally and IGT slots?
Can I make my Slot Machine easy to win?
Can I use tokens with my slot machine?

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