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Bring in your electronic pinball machine (made after 1977) for full service known as a complete "Shop Out".  We include all rubbers and light bulbs. We include many other minor parts that are needed but big cost items such as displays, destroyed printed circuit boards, major assemblies or anything we determine as too expensive will require us to call you and get approval. By working, we mean everything works.  We repair all electronics, all printed circuit boards that are still serviceable.  Acid leaks from old batteries can destroy CPU/MPU circuit boards, we will call you with a quote if we need to replace a circuit board.  We repair all electro-mechanical parts on and under the playfield that can be repaired.  If a mechanism is irreparable we search to find it. Some mechanisms are unavailable, we weld, braze, rivet and sometimes manufacture old parts back into shape.  If the part just can't be found or fixed, we will call with the bad news. Non repairable machines are charged only the minimum shop charge of $125 plus any pickup and delivery charges (gas and sore backs).  So far we have had NO non repairable pinball events due to our efforts.

The playfield top is disassembled, cleaned and waxed, and put back together with new light bulbs and rubber rings.  Everything gets fixed that can be fixed. We make it look as close to new as possible without buying all new parts.  You can opt to have new ramps, plastics, targets and toys replaced, if they can be found, if you pay for them.  We pay for the bulbs and rubbers.  Missing hardware is yours to buy,  but  little things we have around the shop are free if they came from  the junked games we have.   We try to be fair,  making money off the parts is not our main concern.  Bringing the game back to life is our joy.

Cabinet leg corner brackets are repaired.  We will glue and brace the cabinet if it is loose on the corners.  We blow out and vacuum everything.  You get new instruction cards and pricing cards.

We do NOT paint cabinets!  We will touch-up a playfield with paint missing if requested.  We can touch-up small paint issues on backglass if requested.  The cabinet patina will be protected.  Don't ever paint your cabinet.

We charge $800,  plus extras mentioned above,  plus tax for this service.  A deposit made be required.  Most jobs take weeks to accomplish.  No rush jobs please.  If a machine is, in our opinion, in a trashed out state of disrepair, we will insist on an up-charge or decline the job altogether.  Certain pinball machines are also known to be difficult to work on and will incur an up-charge.  You will be informed before we start work.

We pick up machines for repair within 50 miles of our shop.  We charge $1 per mile each way with a minimum of $30 for this service.  We pickup from the ground floor only,  with no stairs or steps.

Please fill out the form entries above.  We will contact you to arrange an appointment. If you hate filling out forms or perhaps you need immediate service, please just call us.  We will be happy to fill this form out for you later.  We reserve the right to refuse any job.

You will be required to register on our website to complete this form.  Please click "add this to my Cart" when this form is  completed.  If you do not have an account with us, you will be dragged - kicking and screaming,  to the register new account page! Please remember to "checkout" after adding the workorder to your "shopping cart".  No charges are incurred until the job is completed!

If you do not know something asked for on the form below, please just type anything... like "I don't know" or "?".  We will eventually get the info.  Thanks!

Please note that pinball machines can take a long time to get repaired.  Some repairs can take months.  This depends on parts availability and our current shop workload.  If you are in a hurry please tell us so we can try to accommodate you.

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