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We repair  old jukebox equipment.  The labor price for this service starts at $350 and can reach $1000 depending on make and model and condition.  A deposit may be required.  We do Rowe, Rockola, Seeburg and Wurlitzer jukeboxes with vinyl 45 records or CD's.  Parts for these machines can take time to find and can be expensive.  You will be contacted when we are about to order parts over the quoted budget.  We weld, braze, rivet and sometimes manufacture old parts back into shape.  If the part just can't be found or fixed, we will call with the bad news. Our workorder system will email you with updates and sometime request your permission to proceed.  We do not charge for non-repairable machines except for the minimum shop fee of $125.

We no longer repair "Tube type" jukeboxes.  These oldest of jukeboxes (before 1965) take too much of our time and are best handled by specialists on the type.  Many of these are more of a restoration rather than a repair.  We generally accept jukeboxes made after 1969.

 Please NOTE: Jukeboxes that have been sitting idle for many years can NOT be fixed on a service call.  The mechanical devices need regular cleaning and lubricating.  The rubber parts rot.  The grease in the motors turns hard and will break the gears if used before they are taken apart and re-greased, especially Wurlitzer motors.  The switches are corroded.  Jukeboxes like this take many hours to make them reliable again.  

We pick up machines for repair within 50 miles of our shop.  We charge $1 per mile each way with a minimum of $30 for this service.  We pickup from the ground floor only,  with no stairs or steps.

Please fill out the form entries above.  We will contact you to arrange an appointment. If you hate filling out forms or perhaps you need immediate service, please just call us.  We will be happy to fill this form out for you later.  We reserve the right to refuse any job.

You will be required to register on our website to complete this form.  Please click "add this to my Cart" when this form is  completed.  If you do not have an account with us, you will be dragged - kicking and screaming,  to the register new account page! Please remember to "checkout" after adding the workorder to your "shopping cart".  No charges are incurred until the job is completed!

If you do not know something asked for on the form below, please just type anything... like "I don't know" or "?".  We will eventually get the info.  Thanks!

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